Lokcom is a smart device & cloud-based platform that enables a mechanical door lock and intercom phone to behave like a smart entry system. You have total control of how you let people into your apartment, house or office – using a key, the App or Desktop.

Connect your Lock and Intercom to the Internet

Lokcom connects door locks and intercom phone to the internet in a secure and reliable manner. It allows to remotely open doors and gates with a click on your smartphone, tablet and PC, or just a phone call. You do not have to stand in front of the door to open it.

Easy to Install

Lokcom can be installed by anyone because of the simple plug & play solution. Our call support will walk you through every step necessary.

Secure Technology

The router is connected to the cloud through 3G. It is not reliant on open systems such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC which can be interfered with.


No need to change the locks or throw away the keys. Lokcom is compatible with any V12 lock. If the door is not electrified, an electric strike needs to be fitted.

Open Doors with a Smartphone, Tablet or PC


You request to open a door

Click “OPEN” in the Lokcom App for smartphones or Control Panel for Desktop

Command is sent via a secured M2M network

The server forwards the request to your Lokcom device in a secure manner via mobile data or 3G.

Lokcom opens the door for you

The Lokcom device receives your request and opens the door. You receive a notification about a successful door opening.

More about remote opening

Click Here to Download Manual

Features of Lokcom Control Panel:

Remote Open/Close Feature

You don’t have to stand in front of the door to open it. The door can be opened from any device with an internet connection – PC, tablet or smartphone.

Open Door with a Phone Call

Add phone numbers of people you want to let in, and they will be able to open your door with a phone call. No need for mobile data. Perfect while travelling.

Share & Schedule Access

Share a digital key with people in the App and set the time when they can access your property.

Monitor & Receive Alerts

Lokcom monitors the doors 24/7 and alerts you whenever it has been opened. You will have the full history log of who entered and for how long stayed inside.

Share Access with People You Trust

With Lokcom you can choose to share access with whoever you want. You can add a new user, entering only their phone number. The invited person will receive a text with a link to sign up in our Web App. After registration, they will be able to access your property.

Our system stays always on and monitors all the activities. We will send you a notification who and when accessed your property.

More about Control Features

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    Smart Entry System for Business

    Upgrade your hardware to be in control when and who opens your office, storage or garage gate. Grant or revoke access to each door remotely. Or unlock a certain door with a phone from anywhere in the world. Scale as your business grow.

    Lokcom for Business

    Self Check-in for Airbnbs, Holiday Rentals & Hotels

    Lokcom allows Hotels, Resorts & Holiday Rentals to enable self check-in. No more hassle with keys. Spend time on growing your business instead.

    No big investment required. Lokcom serves as an upgrade to your current door entry system and can be integrated into your booking system. Improve your guest experience and property management with Lokcom.

    Lokcom for Hospitality

    Why People Choose Us?

    As a manager of tourist rentals in Madrid, I had to dedicate a lot of time to checking-in my clients until I discovered LOKCOM. By using LOKCOM, I now have more free time to dedicate to other aspects of my work because I am able to open the doors of the apartment from mobile while being anywhere in the world. This is a great advantage because I don't need to hire additional staff.

    Snaillian Gonzalez MarichalRental Apartments,Madrid

    I have installed Lokcom in the gym of Clínica Riosal. Thanks to this access control system, customers can use the facilities from 06:00 am to 11:00 pm, all year round. Lokcom has enabled me to increase the opening hours of the gym and consequently improve customer satisfaction. I would definitely recommend this system.

    Mario Garcia SalazarClinica Riosal

    I was concerned how caregivers would reach my elderly sister, especially after she had a fall. LOKCOM provided me with the perfect solution. I could enable her caregivers to access her flat through their mobile phones and I could monitor all caregiving activities whilst not giving away any more keys.

    Inma NPrivate user

    We occupy a busy co-working space in the heart of the city, so we often require access to our space out-of-hours, such as on the weekend. By integrating Lokcom's technology into our existing system, we have been able to grant easy access, while also maintaining the security of the building. Lokcom has certainly improved the way we work and we would recommend it to other businesses!

    Javier Millan SanchezColabor Coworking

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