Control & Monitor Access to Your Business

Manage properties in one location or all around the globe with our cloud-based platform. Be in control when and who opens up your office, storage or garage gate. Grant or revoke access to each door remotely. Or unlock a certain door with a phone from anywhere in the world. Easy to scale as your business grows.

Control access for employees and maintenance staff
Manage multiple-location properties
View complete reporting of door entries
Easy to integrate with your existing door readers and hardware

Co-working spaces & offices

Enable easy access to working premises at any given time and facilitate constant monitoring of entry into the building.

For Office Spaces

Gym & Leisure Facilities

Improve customer service. Allow 24/7 access to the facilities. Provide greater flexibility for members, personal trainers and maintenance staff.

For Gym & Leisure facilities

Hospital & Elderly Care

Ruling out the reliance on physical keys, Lokcom’s access management security system helps reach the service user in emergency cases.

For Elderly HealthCare

Our Customers’ Stories

I have installed Lokcom in the gym of Clínica Riosal. Thanks to this access control system, customers can use the facilities from 06:00 am to 11:00 pm, all year round. Lokcom has enabled to increase the opening hours of the gym and consequently improve customer satisfaction. I would definitely recommend this system.

Mario Garcia SalazarClinica Riosal

I was concerned how caregivers would reach my elderly sister, especially after she had a fall. LOKCOM provided me with the perfect solution. I could enable her caregivers to access her flat through their mobile phones and I could monitor all caregiving activities whilst not giving away any more keys.

Inma NPrivate User

"We occupy a busy co-working space ini the heart of the city, so we often require access to our space out-of-hours, such as on the weekend. By integrating Lokcom's technology into our existing system, we have be able to grant easy access, while also maintaining the security of the building. Lokcom has certainly improved the way work and would recommend it to other businesses!"

Janvier Millan SanchezColabor Coworking

Maximise security

Our system is always on. The control panel monitors the door 24/7 and alerts you whenever it has been opened. Moreover, the Lokcom system is not reliant on open systems such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC which can be interfered with.

Control all the doors

Lokcom is compatible with exterior entry doors, interior doors, garage entry and gates, and other common door areas all on the same system. No need for receptions or workstations.

Minimal upfront investment

Lokcom is easy to integrate with your existing door readers and hardware if you already have a system installed that you are looking to upgrade.

Friendly interface

The browser-based platform is easy to use, can be access from any device – PC, tablet or smartphone, and allows you to manage properties all around the world from anywhere in the world.

Access Control System for Doors – Lokcom

Manage one property or hundreds from the cloud-based door entry management platform by Lokcom.

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